Sunday, September 10, 2023

I'm Back - What I'm Reading 9/10/2023

Sorry for the long absence (pfft, who am I kidding?  no one reads this).  I intended to be back the week after DefCOn but life happened.  I was sick and work piled up, but here I am now.  Lucky you, imaginary readers and voices in my head.


On the 10th anniversary of the Snowden revelations

Microsoft, Google Take on Obsolete TLS Protocols

Cybersecurity Builds Trust in Critical Infrastructure

Cisco security appliance 0-day is under attack by ransomware crooks

Mystery solved? Microsoft thinks it knows how Chinese hackers stole its signing key

How China gets free intel on tech companies’ vulnerabilities

Move Over, Software Developers – In The Name Of Cybersecurity, The Government Wants To Drive (the comments are entertaining)

OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks – 2023

‘Five Eyes’ nations release technical details of Sandworm malware ‘Infamous Chisel’

China turns to AI in hopes of creating viral online propaganda, Microsoft researchers say

The International Criminal Court will now prosecute cyberwar crimes

Ukraine war: Cyber-teams fight a high-tech war on front lines

Elon Musk says he withheld Starlink over Crimea to avoid escalation

X sues Calif. to avoid revealing how it makes “controversial” content decisions

Appeals Court Rules White House Overstepped 1st Amendment on Social Media

The Judgement -

AI-generated child sex imagery has every US attorney general calling for action

Weight-loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy also protect your heart

“We’re not ‘gatekeepers,’” Apple and Microsoft tell European Union

The demand for hybrid work is only growing, according to a new Deloitte report

90% Reduction: Scientists Discover Natural Molecule That Eradicates Plaques and Cavities

A Senior Engineer's CheckList

Is Google's looming monopoly trial a watershed moment for Big Tech?

How to pass the interview for software engineering roles in Big Tech - Handbook

When “Punch a Nazi” Goes Wrong

Tech workers now doubting decision to move from California to Texas

An effort to ban caste discrimination in California has touched a nerve

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