Monday, September 18, 2023

What I'm Reading 9/18/2023

How Google Authenticator made one company’s network breach much, much worse

With 0-days hitting Chrome, iOS, and dozens more this month, is no software safe?

Will Cyber Security be Replaced by AI?

DHS warns of malicious AI use against critical infrastructure

DoD: China's ICS Cyber Onslaught Aimed at Gaining Kinetic Warfare Advantage

CISA Releases Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program: Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Reference Architecture

Why Identity Management Is the Key to Stopping APT Cyberattacks

Caesars says cyber-crooks stole customer data as MGM casino outage drags on

The Wachowskis and the Hacker as a progressive archetype

America’s Advanced Manufacturing Problem—and How to Fix It

Why Resumes Are Dead & How Keeps Killing the Job Market

The spectacular downfall of a common, useless cold medicine

“Most notorious” illegal shadow library sued by textbook publishers [Updated]

Google hid evidence by training workers to avoid words monopolists use, DOJ says

Here’s exactly what Google will argue to fight the DOJ’s antitrust claims

Long wave radio fans mourn fading frequencies

Urban oases combine roof gardens and solar panels

Replanting Logged Forests With Diverse Mixtures of Seedlings Accelerates Restoration

Study: U.S. dietary recommendations for protein intake are too low

CIA bribed its own COVID-19 origin team to reject lab-leak theory, anonymous whistleblower claims

California passes first-in-the-nation data broker deletion tool

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