Monday, July 10, 2023

What I am Reading 7/10/2023

Log4j bug exploited to push novel EarlyRat malware

MOVEit app mass-exploited last month patches new critical vulnerability

336,000 servers remain unpatched against critical Fortigate vulnerability

SSH Servers Hit in 'Proxyjacking' Cyberattacks

Vulnerability in Cisco Enterprise Switches Allows Attackers to Modify Encrypted Traffic

Vulnerabilities in PiiGAB Product Could Expose Industrial Organizations to Attacks

3 Critical RCE Bugs Threaten Industrial Solar Panels, Endangering Grid Systems

Technician Indicted for Hacking California Water Treatment Facility

One third of security breaches go unnoticed by security professionals

Botnets Send Exploits Within Days to Weeks After Published PoC

Businesses are ignoring third-party security risks

Employees worry less about cybersecurity best practices in the summer

5 Things CISOs Need to Know About Securing OT Environments

Submarine Cables Face Escalating Cybersecurity Threats, Report

US’s largest grid operator must process and connect backlogged clean energy projects

Judge rules White House pressured social networks to “suppress free speech”

China curbs exports of key computer chip materials

The real reasons why sharks attack humans

San Francisco loses 2 big conferences

Once hailed for decriminalizing drugs, Portugal is now having doubts

The Underground Economy of Company Reviews

Why there are so many cybersecurity vendors, what it leads to and where do we go from here

Top Suspect in 2015 Ashley Madison Hack Committed Suicide in 2014

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