Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SANS ICS 410 ICS/SCADA Security Essentials Day 4

#SANS2017 Again Day 3 of class since I am counting from the day I arrived and picked up class materials.

Mostly more of the same yesterday.  Lecture same exercises using the Modbus simulator , some google hacking, an introduction to shodan, a sql injection / sqlmap exercise and password fuzzing. Again nothing super new but good reinforcement and refreshers.  Mostly we discussed ICS attack surfaces with some discussion of defense.  I have to say with the time difference I am feeling a little wiped out.

Today we start defending ICS workstations and servers so basically windows and linux hardening.

So far I am still pretty happy with the decision to attend, but again this is probably the last SANS event I will ever attend.  The price point is just out of range unless I get on with a company that will pay for it.  Since I am the living embodiment of the Dunning/Kruger Effect that is unlikely.

No pictures today.  Sorry I am scum I know.

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