Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SANS ICS 410 ICS/SCADA Security Fundamentals Day 5

#SANS2017  Class Day 4.  Nothing new to report.  Yesterday was all about ICS Servers and Workstations with an afternoon diversion into Falconry.  Again none of it was really new material but the class kind of pulls it together with a slightly different perspective.  Good refresher and thought provoker.

The big thing yesterday was the vendor expo with free lunch.  I didn't have a voucher but they let me eat anyway.  Can't beat that with a stick.

After class I ran back to my hotel and got something to eat at Twin Peaks across the street.  The food kind of sucked but I am now in love with the bartender Amanda.  Her boyfriend probably disapproves but our love will prevail.

Also attended the SANS at night session on operating an ICS / SCADA SOC.  Very good talk with a slightly different philosophy from our instructors, not in conflict really just a little different emphasis.
Overall still happy with the expenditure but now I hear there is a 60000 person Star Wars convention here tomorrow and I am thinking maybe I invested my money poorly.
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