Thursday, July 21, 2016

I am a morally reprehensible person who will be directly responsible for the election of Hillary Clinton

at least according to Ace ( @AceofSpadesHQ )

Sorry, I was on Twitter. I felt it was necessary to dispel the widely-held myth, adored by #NeverTrumpers, that somehow attacking Trump relentlessly does not aid Hillary Clinton, and that they are not choosing Hillary Clinton by choosing to be NeverTrump.
 All choices have consequences. By supporting Trump, I am responsible for the consequences of a Trump victory -- and those consequences could indeed be dire.
But a childish morally-unserious fantasy has infected the #NeverTrump not-so-intellgentsia, that they can agitate for Hillary Clinton -- by relentlessly disparaging Trump -- and somehow, they are not responsible for the consequences of the Hillary presidency they are bucking for.
Really? Choices have consequences?  I never would have guessed.

When do we get to hold Rush Limbaugh et. al, responsible for the election of Barack Obama?  Because I believe that his constant bashing of John McCain was highly damaging and helped lead to Obama's election.

The same is true for Mitt Romney - a man who would have been far superior to Obama as President but who many "CONSERVATIVES" mocked relentlessly and continually stated they would not support.  I cant really search Ace's site but as I recall there was a lot of participation there.

What about the dillholes who helped elect Rubio and Cruz despite warning from those of us (yes, me) that they were politicians first and then had their choices implode leaving us with such a douchebag as our candidate.

And Ace, what about you? You could have come out against Trump early, but you waffled.  I even questioned you about it, pointing out Trumps abysmal record and his unsuitable temperament   and you asked me to "Allow you the courtesy of making up your own mind".  Well I did and now here we are.

You made a choice, now everyone has to live with the consequences.  An ignorant loudmouthed fascist whose sole contributions to society is a good looking daughter and a TV catchphrase is our candidate, but somehow I am to blame if Hillary gets elected.

Fuck that.

I find Hillary morally repugnant, but in the scheme of things I find her a shade less repugnant and a shade less dangerous than Trump.  At least she probably won't destroy NATO and kowtow to Putin while praising Mussolini's efficiency.  So while I won't actively support her at least I will be able to look myself in the mirror if she wins and that's more than I can say if Trump wins.

If that means that I support Hillary than so be it.

Trump on Cybersecurity

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary

Donald Trump gave an interview on foreign policy - Jesus people if his incoherent ramblings don't frighten you please please never reproduce because the gene pool cant take that big a hit.

Below is an excerpt regarding cyber security (The Washington Post appears to have pulled the whole article or I would link it)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finished up two books

First I finished The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047.

I have to say I'm really not sure how I feel about this book.  As I have stated many times I am not an economist and have been told that I am actually far too stupid to understand economics, so maybe I am just too stupid to really understand this book, which centers around the economic collapse of the United States.  My problem with the book is that the author seems to ignore Friedman in favor of Ron Paul, and in writing of the consequences of an economic collapse seems to approve of the results of subscribing to the "Let it Burn" school of Tea Party politics.  Yes, the country falls apart but by God we are getting what we deserved.  Sorry I'm a little to happy with my life to want that to occur.  In a lot of other ways this book reads like a Trump manifesto.  She does nail the coming entitlement fiasco on the head though.

(I know what you are going to say (or what you would say if I had any readers) - "But Chad, she is a conservative, you should be agreeing with her."  No, she isn't she is a nihilist who happens to share some libertarian / fringe conservative economic philosophies.  I am a Reaganite / Monetarist.  She is a Nihilist / Paulbot.  )

That said the book was engaging and even though many people have complained that the characters are too expository, the material that they discuss is interesting and worth thinking about.

Second I finished The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness

What can I say?  It's a book about the iPod.  It was OK and if I had read it 10 years ago I might have been more excited.  As is it was just kind of one of those moment in time books.  Don't bother unless it get's updated or you are a huge Steven Levy fan.

Also - @MillaJovovich recommended The Wealth and Poverty of Nations so I will be giving that a shot after The Rise and Fall of American Growth.

Friday, July 15, 2016

140 Silicon Valley Leaders Call A Trump Presidency A Disaster

Yesterday a bunch of   Technology Sector Leaders (that's what they called themselves so don't bitch to me if you disagree about their role) published an open letter on Medium calling a potential Trump presidency a disaster in waiting.

I agree.  If Trump is elected it will be a disaster.

Unfortunately these technology sector leaders based their arguments on immigration.  Specifically in my opinion an increase in the availability of H1-B visas.  Oh they threw in a couple of other items about how Trump wants to shut down parts of the internet  and he doesn't want to encourage innovation, but the main thrust is the immigration issue.

It's also the worst issue they could have taken a stand on.  Look around, talk to people outside Silicon Valley, ask how people really feel about hiring foreign nationals or large foreign companies and replacing US based workers.  You won't get the same answers you are getting inside the technology bubble.

If anything you may have helped Trump.  Now he can hold up that letter and say "My opponents want to take away your jobs".

Maybe to really round things out you should appoint Hillary Clinton to the board of

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reading "The Mandibles: A Family 2029-2047" by Lionel Shriver

Found the book thru a NY Times review.  I can't decide if it is satire aimed at Donald Trump or she is trying out as a latter day Ayn Randor maybe this is what she really believes is inevitable; at one point a chracter says' "Novels about the future aren't really about the future, they are about what we fear now".

Well this novel is about the future.

 I am about 25% in and so far the book is a combination of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant nightmares and a teaparty wet dream with some cyber security scare tactics thrown in.  It's entertaining and everyone in the book so far is amusingly clueless, but it is also deeply unsettling.

Obama publishes academic paper #ObamaJAMA - REEEEEEEETTTTTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHHH

The article, titled "United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps," with "Barack Obama, JD" listed as the author, was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (known as JAMA) on July 11. 
People are freaking out about it of course:

Here's the thing though:

1.  I don't think he actually wrote it:

2.  The article isn't really that scholarly - mainly just a rehash of policy fights and statements.
3.  It omits things like the fact that insurance exchanges are going bankrupt while preaching how great Obamacare is.  (in fact the Oregon excahnge where my employer was getting their insurance (cheap dumbasses) just went bankrupt)

So color me unimpressed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Readings for work

Trying to finish them by August 31

SP Title Pages
800-37 Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems: A Security Lifecycle Approach 102
800-30 Guide for Conducting Risk Assessment 95
800-34 Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems 149
800-39 Managing Information Security Risk: Organization Mission and Information System View 88
800-61 Computer Security Incident Handling Guide 79
800-64 Security Considerations in the System Development Lifecycle 67
800-65 Integrating IT Security into the Capital Planning and Investment Control Process 65
800-100 Information Security Handbook: A Guide for Managers 178
823 Total
16.5 Pages/Day

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In general I despise Ruth Bader Ginsberg's Politics and Jurisprudence, but I kind of respect her a little bit now for speaking out against Trump

I agree with Slate, she did put her legacy and her reputation on the line to take a stand, and I see why she did it - Trump is an existential threat to American democracy.  He is the actual threat that Democrats tried to make George W. Bush out to be and Republicans have accused Barack Obama of being.

He is the embodiment of the "strongman" from Hayek's Road to Serfdom!

So yeah, I respect what she did a little bit.  My problem is that she did it and she risks nothing to do it.  She gets to sit there and make her statements and she is safe, I don't mean in a physical sense, but in the sense that she suffers no repercussions.  On the other hand the court is now damaged because it has overtly entered the political fray and while the court has been politicized it has never been overtly political.  If she feels this strongly she should have resigned first.

To be honest this is the same I have with General's and Admiral's who leave the service and become political.  Almost all of them do so under the guise of how they were always opposed to one Commander-in-Chiefs policy or another.  Amazingly the never speak out until there is no risk to them.  Even if they serve 6 or 8 years under that policy enforce it, propagate it and so on.  If they truly had any conviction beyond self interest they would resign at the time and let it be known why. That's why I almost never consider voting for anyone above O-6 who is running for office.

The founder's pledged "Their Lives, Their Fortunes, Their Sacred Honor"  maybe it's time we start remembering that.  I don't really have a lot to lose except some twitter followers, maybe by some remote stretch of the imagination I could lose my job because Trump loses and the Tech Industry gets their wish for unlimited H1-Bs, but I am willing to risk both.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Semi-Annual Self Improvement Kick

About twice a year I get disgusted with myself and my lackadaisical lifestyle then I go on a one or two week self-improvement kick.  That started a couple days ago.  Last night I finished a quick course on the NIST Risk Management Framework and now I am working on another quickie ITIL.
Coming up on the list are COBIT, PCI-DSS and HIPAA.  After that I will be bored, I'm sure, but we'll see what comes up.