Monday, April 10, 2017

SANS ICS 410 - ICS SCADA Security Essentials Day 3

#SANS2017 Well day 3 if you count registration and the open bar.  Day 2 of classes.

Probably a few (read none) of you know that I was having doubts about attending this course.  On the one hand it is very germane to at least my current job and it is being taught by the guy (Justin Searle) who literally wrote the course.  On the other hand I am burning all my PTO and spending a huge amount of money that I am never getting back to attend (yes I am an idiot and paid out of pocket).   So far the trip has been worth it.

Class Day 1 didn't really cover anything I didn't know, but it was good reinforcement.  We did have some fun programming a cheap little PLC and then building an HMI for it.  We moved thru the material pretty quickly but it was all understandable.  And the instructor is good.

Besides the regular instruction I went to the Keynote.  The speaker (Eric Conrad) was pretty entertaining and the talk was good.  Unfortunately it just made me realize how poorly the places I have worked are utilizing SIEMs.

Downsides -  First the parking situation here is horrible and on top of that expensive.  Second, that keynote was hidden way the hell away.  I swear to God, I walked the two miles from my hotel to the Hyatt and that took less time than walking from the hotel doors to the room where it was being held. I swear it was 2 miles into Georgia.  I think the organizers were inspired by the Bataan Death March.

I already tweeted about the great coffee spill of 2017 and my social gaffes (they said, get comfortable so I took my pants off.  Who knew that was wrong).

The view from my hotel
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