Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump as disrupter

Today on Backchannel (or at least I saw it today) Jessi Hempel writes:
I’ve come to believe that Donald Trump makes Silicon Valley’s founders uncomfortable precisely because they all have so much in common. Hear me out. They consider themselves the ultimate disruptors. Trump won the presidency (if not the popular vote) on the promise of being anti-establishment, and changing everything. 
Well, I have no idea who Jessi Hempel is but she agrees with what I wrote to Susan Hennessey on twitter Saturday

so she must be a supergenius.  (I know she actually wrote her stuff first but I didn't see it till today so it doesn't count. Besides we know I don't have any actual readers so who cares).

 Actually this goes back to the primaries when I kept telling my friends that the thing fueling Trump's campaign was the same anger fueling Sanders'.  No one believed me but it's true.  If this had been a Sanders / Trump race we (in my opinion) would have had a much different outcome.  Sanders would have nullified Trump's anti-establishment credentials. But we didn't and now we have Trump as the President and as I told Kara Swisher (who also ignored me) on twitter after her fuckfuckfuck article regarding the upcoming Trump Tech Summit.  Underestimate Trump at your own risk.

More Proof - Look at his cabinet picks.  I know people are freaking out because Rick Perry was picked to run the EPA, and Zinke was picked for Interior and they are antagonistic to those agencies. Don't you get it?  That's the point.  To tear them down.  And, the beauty of it is people are so busy concentrating on immigration and Muslim registration that his cabinet will likely be able to run wild.  He is using the power of the Other and so far it is working.

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