Thursday, December 15, 2016

Found - Joint Special Operation Command Cybersecurity Reading List - Updated

Found Here

Update- I thought the links on the JSOC site were to purchase the books, but they are to the JSOC library.  I am adding links to purchase the books:

If you can't see the list don't worry you just an ad blocker on. If that's the case go to the link above it will take you to the Joint Special Operations University Library where the reading list is published.

Personally I have read about 1/3 of these books and flipped thru a couple others for work.  I would rate most of the one I have read as very good. The exception being Little Brother, which I found whiny and insipid.  I definately think I would have chosen Cryptonomicon over Snow Crash but Snow Crash is a great book and if it doesn't help with Cybersecurity it will help with understanding Westworld
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