Saturday, September 24, 2016

One of the best TV scenes this year

Yeah I know I'm late here but still, this was one of the two best scenes of TV this year (the other being the chapel scene from the Game of Thrones finale).

The entire season people have been watching Dom and the FBI seemingly out-maneuvered at every turn by f-society and the Dark Army.  Well, not so much.

I have to admit I had given up on this show half way thru season one, but people at work were talking about it so when a marathon came on I recorded the episodes I hadn't watched and caught up on them.  Glad I did just for this.

Part of what makes this scene so great is the music fits perfect

BTW kudos to Sam Esmail who kept everyone so focus on the Tyrell / Elliot / Joanna question for so long people completely missed what Dom was doing.  I was one, mostly, I did say a couple times that I thought the FBI was being underestimated - that when you truly capture the governments attention (not just the passing attention of a couple prosecutors or regulators) the resources they can bring to bear are overwhelming.

My contention has been borne out.  I still see a few holes, such as no White Rose and no Phillip Price on the board, which makes me think their e-coin game (which I still believe is an attempt to bring down the American economy so that China can move in and establish it's own new reserve currency and establish dominion over the contested Pacific areas ala Ghost Fleet and The Mandibles ) will be central to season 3.

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