Thursday, September 01, 2016

Ace calls out the #NeverTrumpers

Which I guess includes me, although, I never swore an oath of fealty or anything, but I have no intention of ever voting for Donald Trump, just as I have no intention of never voting for Hillary Clinton.

So yeah, #NeverTrumper.  
(and yeah I know he says the post wasn't aimed at people like me - The Losers who don't have enough followers on Twitter to matter to the big shots:
i've been saying the same thing for six months but a lot of people seem determined to up-jump themselves into the high ranks of punditry.

I get people on fucking twitter with 300 followers telling me "Fuck you! No way you're gonna pressure me to change MY mind!"

Um, I'm not talking about you, Unknown Rando.

Then, of course, they get huffily offended when I clarify (though it was clear the first time) that I wasn't talking about them, as they legitimately, honestly have next-to-no-influence, and can honestly claim they don't have any influence.
That's fine dude, I know that I my opinion doesn't count for shit - but here it is anyway.


Ace says at one point in his diatribe:

Some of us, in short, seem to be attempting to win an election, whereas others are still fixated on winning a fight they had on Twitter.
My question is - Why?

We had this discussion on twitter way back when, Trump was a lifelong Democrat who was friends with Bill and Hillary.  Praised her as someone who would be a good President and strong negotiator with foreign countries.  He has supported gun control in various forms, was pro-abortion until recently, has no room to criticize Bill Clinton on sexual morals.  He was pro-Kelo.  Has been accused of bilking the elderly when he isn't going bankrupt.  He talks about presidential temperament but look at his behavior on twitter and with his campaign staff. And, Oh Yeah, he is both a birther and a 9/11 Truther.

The list goes on.  You can basically go through "The Road to Serfdom" and any characteristic that is ascribed to Hayek's potential fascist dictator you can find in Trump.

For fuck's sake conservative bloggers have been clamoring for years about Obama's dictatorial actions and people like Ace are getting ready to elect some as bad or worse simply because his name isn't Clinton.  Well, that and some promises about immigration that Trump is already backing away from, a list of potential Supreme Court Justices that he pulled out of his ass one Sunday afternoon and some shit talk about anti-globalism when Trump himself is a globalist.

I'm sorry I don't hate America enough (at all really I love this country unlike the shitbirds who are constantly chanting let it burn) to inflict Trump upon on it.  If that means Hillary wins well I blame Ace and his ilk.  They could have taken a principled stand, but they chose not too.  That isn't my fault.  When I asked people to set aside their grudges and vote for McCain or Romney the answer was in many cases a resounding "Fuck You"  well now I am returning it.

edit:  Sorry for some reason a couple of my angrier drafts posted at the same time that I posted this hot mess.  This is the version I intended to post and I deleted the others. (yeah, i know bad form but I stopped caring about that about the time that "conservatives" stopped caring about conservative policies and started just forming a cult-of-personality around carrot-boy.

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