Monday, September 26, 2016

Homeless people overheard on the way to work

I'm old, I'm fat and I have really bad knees so I get most of my exercise by walking.  I try for 5 miles a day and on weekdays that means a couple miles of it is walking to and from the max stop, I purposefully get off about a mile from the office and take a meandering 1.2 mile path there.  That path takes me through a large number of homeless people sleeping under bridges in little tent camps and in doorways.  (It also involves large numbers of planters that smell strongly of urine but that is another matter).  As I walk my little trail I tend to listen to the people talking around me, mainly to make sure no one is saying, "Hey let's stab that fat guy and take his wallet", and today I overheard a couple gems:

First - two guys pushing shopping carts down the street discussing the best way to get away from the cops after robbing a store - consensus - a bike

Second - Homeless guys packing up his stuff talking to 3 or 4 other homeless guys (I assume, there were a bunch of homeless person shaped lumps on the sidewalk).  "I'm getting out of this neighborhood, it's nothing but blacks and gang rapists now."  I'm not sure what led to that conclusion but since I am too delicate to be gang raped maybe I will find a different path.  His race problems he can deal with on his own.

Anyway that's a typical morning walk, afternoons are different everyone is surly and aggressive so it isn't as much fun to listen.
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