Monday, July 06, 2015

Vacation - day 4

I actually have some plans today (have to go over to Bellevue) but before I go I thought this was kind of cool because I like LEDS, short skirts, and cute girls, and because she seems smart and kind of talented:

I also like the subtle slam of maker culture:

At a local hardware hackers meetup. Got to demo the skirt and explain how it works. Some of the Western women were nice. Some not. Compared to China the female Maker scene in the West seems incredibly conservative and hostile to women who don't conform to the blue hair and tattoos, zero-risk-non-conformist look:-) Eccentric clothing and body-modification is ok- but only if it's the same kind they have. Because if we look sexy the evil men will never take us seriously LOL.
Not that I have anything against makers per se but against the whole we're cool and you're not attitude.
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