Sunday, July 05, 2015

Vacation Day 3 - Ennui settles in

So the third day of my vacation has begun and an unbearable feeling of ennui has settled upon me, no longer can I be distracted from the meaninglessness of life by the simple pleasures.  With this realization I have settled into reading yet another chapter of "The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management" perhaps this will reinvigorate me and allow to once more taste the flavor and see the colors of life.

In the meantime -

SC Magazine - Tor Network Exit Nodes Sniffing Passing Traffic -

The conclusion: “We can see that there's passive MITM [man in the middle spying] going on in the Tor network. This is done by setting up a fully functional and trustworthy exit node and start sniffing.”
In an email to, Chloe says it would be wrong to conclude that the Tor network was unusable: “It just shows that there's bad guys out there that will try to take advantage of Tor-users. This is a problem that affects VPN and proxies too, but the problem is that anyone can anonymously set up a node and start sniffing.” 

Slashdot - Bitcoin Snafu Causes Miners to Generate Invalid Blocks -
A notice at warns users of the cryptocurrency that many miners are currently generating invalid blocks. The cause seems to be out-of-date software, and software that assumed blocks were valid instead of checking them.
That's it for the moment.

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