Saturday, July 04, 2015

Vacation Day 2

First off Happy 4th of July - MURICA!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway day two begins and I have already run out of things to do.  Well that's not quite true I just don't want to do any of the stuff I planned - so I am sitting in Tully's Coffee watching the people go by on the beach.  Other than that I am reading some book I cant remember the title of (it's a Sci-Fi book based on the fall of the Roman Empire) and trying to motivate my self.  Oh and I am trying to write a short story set in a cyberpunk Billings MT.

I kind of want to do a site that's sort of like the tales the Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn series (btw super hot Asian woman just walked in to the Tully's so if I lose track of my thoughts I am legitimately distracted).  Anyway the idea would be that we each author in rotation writes a short story based off the parameters I set up here.  Of course blatant stealing of styles and ideas would be encouraged although details would have to be different.  Maybe I will do it but it, but the effort will probably be solo.  I just don't see any of my friends being that excited about it.  Google "Tales from the New Arcade" or "New Arcade Nights" or something like that.  If I decide to do it I will get a page up somewhere (part of the fun will be finding it) In the next day or two.

(Look at me pretending people will actually read this, I am actually impressed by my eternal optimism and naivete)

Anyway that's it for now.
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