Friday, July 03, 2015

Vacation, but first buy your own compromised SCADA system - What I am reading 7/3/2015

Starting my vacation today.  Not sure what exactly I am going to do except a lot of reading.  I am trying to finish up a Risk Management course and trying to get some Cisco reading in.  I also just purchase a voucher for the VMware certified professional exam.  

Lots of boring geek stuff basically.  

Speaking of reading and boring geek stuff

Many of the site’s "subreddits"—sections of the site dedicated to discussion of specific topics—have been set to "private" by their moderators, meaning that instead of links and pictures, visitors instead see something like this: [Picture of a landing page]
The site's "darkening" is being led primarily by its volunteer moderators. The first subreddit to go dark was the extremely popular /r/IAmA, the place where reddit’s famous "Ask Me Anything" question-and-answer chats are held with notable personalities. These chats, referred to as "AMAs," were typically facilitated by a full-time reddit employee named Victoria Taylor (/u/chooter on reddit). According to this post by /r/IAmA moderator /u/karmanaut, Taylor had been "unexpectedly let go from her position at reddit" some time on Thursday.
There seem to two prevailing theories about what happened.  The first is that Victoria Taylor took the blame for a disastrous, yet utterly hilarious Jesse Jackson AMA.  The second is that reddit wanted to make AMA's more commercial and she didn't think they would work that way and that the users would hate the change.  Personally I think it is just a toxic management style facilitated by Ellen Pao trying to push a political agenda.  Since I only visit reddit like once a week I am not hugely affected by this but it would be nice if everything didn't have to turn to crap.

Texas show does well and it drives the commenters mad.

A fraudster has recently posted in several underground forums that he is selling access to SCADA systems. Concerned that many criminals will not understand what’s being offered for sale, he started his post with the Wikipedia definition of SCADA. Afterwards, trying to bank on recent news, he noted they would be perfect for “duqu 2.0” (a recently discovered malware which was most likely developed by a country to spy on the Iranian Nuclear talks)
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