Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Vacation - Day 5- I have lost all perception of time and space

(well except for knowing it's day 5 of my vacation).  My laptop is slowly giving up the ghost (damn it more perception of time, maybe I need to change the title of this post) but at least before it did I got a link from Ace (@aceofspadeshq) last night (aarrrgh!!!!!!!!) also a bunch of retweets after ace, Dan Riehl (@DanRiehl), and Xbradtc (@xbradtc) linked the tweet.  What can I say I am a twitter whore.

Other than my deteriorating mental condition I can't say anything important is happening.  At least to me personally, here is the stuff of mild importance for the day:

Techmeme - Tinder introduces verified profiles for celebrities. - So the next time Kate Upton needs a quick hookup she's set.

LifehackerHow to Configure Windows 10 to Protect Your Privacy - Pretty basic stuff, but take a look see if you are missing anything.

Dark Reading - Underwriters Laboratories To Launch Cyber Security Certification Program -
UL, meanwhile, also is putting the final touches on a test and certification program of its own for IoT products, Bron says. "For us, cybersecurity and IoT have been on the radar screen for a long time already. We are prepared to release a test and certification program for this" that draws from its customers' needs and concerns, he says.
I guess having UL run the program is better than having the government try and set up an NRTL style cyber security scheme, but I sill think this is a model destined for failure.  UL doesn't respond fast enough to changing conditions to keep up with cyber security concerns.

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