Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ghost Fleet part 1

I recommended this book to a couple people last night via twitter, so maybe you'll get lucky and @xbradtc or @aceofspadeshq will read it and do a better review, but here is part one of my ongoing review of Ghost Fleet: a novel of the next world war.

Let's start with what this book isn't.  It is not a great piece of literature, but few of the books I read are.  It is enjoyable with a (so far) competently plotted story and interesting if not deeply developed characters.  That's OK I am reading this for enjoyment not for the solution to one of life existential mysteries. (like how the hell did Andrea Tantaros get so hot, more on that later)

What the book is (again so far) is a book that appears very much in the Tom Clancy vein of techno-thrillers, and in fact in a lot of ways this books so far reminds me of Red Storm Rising and Debt of Honor.  Well really it reminds me of the entire Ryanverse competent people doing competent things in a competent way.  So far no huge acts of heroics, and based on the setup at the beginning of the novel you can guess which way the wind is going to blow for quite a while.  Again I don't see that as a problem

Another way in which this book is like a Clancy novel is the concentration on the technology.  So far it appears to be pretty well researched and it's described in a way that makes it accessible and not off-putting.  One difference is that the guy writing the book is a futurist so there is a lot of forward projection of the tech.  Lot's of wearables and VR.  Still it is well done and so far his vision holds together even if I may not agree with every detail.

I think the politics displayed so far are pretty believable, I definately agree with the unspoken threat assessment of the Chinese.  I think a lot of the real hardcore military buffs may disagree with some aspects of the story, but those are points that can be argued.

So 25% in I am enjoying it, and I think it presents enough interesting ideas at this point that people who want a good summer read that will make you think a bit should pick it up.

OOPs almost forgot Andrea Tantaros who is one of the best looking women in TV news posted a picture on instagram today that has forever sealed her in my pantheon of pretend future ex-wives

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