Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unintended Consequences from the $15 / Hr Minimum Wage

I know this is the third day in a row with something on this subject.  What can I say, there is nothing else grabbing my interest at the moment.

Some workers across the city are left telling bosses to give them fewer hours at the higher wage because a full week’s earnings now puts them past the threshold for some welfare payments such as food stamps and assistance with rent.
Of course, one of the things that supporters of the higher wage said was that they wanted to help lift min. wage workers out of poverty and welfare.

Now this is Breitbart mind you and I don't usually find them to be a super credible source but this has happened before when programs are implemnted and people get pushed just above the line so I find it believable.  The question then becomes is the wage increase ctually accomplishing what was intended?  In every case I can think of that answer is always - No.  No one gets moved out of poverty,  the line just moves up, and some end up worse off.


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