Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade

Upgraded to Windows 10 last night.  Mostly it was a painless experience but there were a few things that were a bit irritating.

1.  I ran the upgrade advisor on my PC to be sure everything was compatible and it gave me a clean bill of health.  Not so.  Once I started trying to upgrade I got an error telling me that my system reserved partition was too small. Fortunately I had some unallocated space remaining from when I had switched over to an SSD.  I googled to make sure that resizing the partition would work (apparently this problem goes back to the original Win 8 update) and was pointed to Minitool Partition Wizard  added the unallocated space to the system reserved partition and it worked like  charm.  This is definitely something the upgrade adviser should have caught.

2.  My NVidia driver didn't load immediately.  Windows did catch it and it upgraded it automatically but it required an additional reboot.

3.  Groove Music searched out an found my music automatically (Yay!!) but apparently 6000+ tracks was too much for it.  It was consuming 35% CPU when I got up this morning.  Also it stops adding tracks when reduced.  WTH, if you are on a desktop keep working.  If you are on a tablet or phone stop.

4.  CPU usage just seems higher overall but I will get that worked out I am sure.

5.  I didn't noticed this on the laptop I used the technical preview on but the new taskbar icons, like notification center, are butt ugly.

That's it so far.  Everything seems to be working but everything seems tweaked a little bit so it will take awhile to get stuff adjusted right.
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