Thursday, August 28, 2014

Krebs on Security - Counterfeit U.S. Cash Floods Crime Forums -
(U)ntil very recently one illicit good I had never seen for sale on the forums was counterfeit U.S. currency.
That changed in the past month with the appearance on several top crime boards of a new fraudster who goes by the hacker alias “MrMouse.” This individual sells counterfeit $20s, $50s and $100s, and claims that his funny money will pass most of the tests that merchants use to tell bogus bills from the real thing.

I, in my usual state of blissful ignorance, am pretty sure that when 'Mr. Mouse" is tracked down it's going to be discovered that he is Russian and that behind several layers of cutouts the Russian government is behind this.

Bloomberg - FBI Examining Whether Russia Is Tied to JPMorgan Hacking -
Russian hackers attacked the U.S. financial system in mid-August, infiltrating and stealing data from JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and at least one other bank, an incident the FBI is investigating as a possible retaliation for government-sponsored sanctions, according to two people familiar with the probe.

ZDNet - Cybersecurity hiring crisis: Rockstars, anger and the billion dollar problem -
A small talent pool, an inflated wage bubble and high tension in a virulent attack landscape have made cybersecurity's hiring crisis "the billion dollar" problem.
This article is kind of stating the obvious, but perhaps it offers a little perspective on some hiring practices.

Ars Technica - The executive order that led to mass spying, as told by NSA alumni -
One thing sits at the heart of what many consider a surveillance state within the US today.
The problem does not begin with political systems that discourage transparency or technologies that can intercept everyday communications without notice. Like everything else in Washington, there’s a legal basis for what many believe is extreme government overreach—in this case, it's Executive Order 12333, issued in 1981
The article was a little too long for me to really dig into but my quick read found it pretty interesting.

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