Sunday, March 12, 2023

What I'm Reading 3/12/2023 - I should probably make an interest to be more interesting edition

Key Proposals in Biden's Cybersecurity Strategy Face Congressional Challenges

Stealthy UEFI malware bypassing Secure Boot enabled by unpatchable Windows flaw

Open letter demands OWASP overhaul, warns of mass project exodus

Municipal CISOs grapple with challenges as cyber threats soar

PoC exploit for recently patched Microsoft Word RCE is public (CVE-2023-21716)

Adaptable ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Malware a Growing Threat

Critical Vulnerabilities Allow Hackers to Take Full Control of Wago PLCs

Threat actors are using advanced malware to backdoor business-grade routers

5 Critical Components of Effective ICS/OT Security

Ransomware's Favorite Target: Critical Infrastructure and Its Industrial Control Systems

Google over-hired talent to do ‘fake work’ and stop them working for rivals, claims former PayPal boss, Keith Rabois

What Weimar Germany Teaches Us about Universal Basic Income

3 Mistakes I Made as an Engineer, but Had To Become a Manager To See

Want an unfair advantage in your tech career? Consume content meant for other roles

North Korean hackers used polished LinkedIn profiles to target security researchers

Palo Alto Survey Reveals 90% of Organizations Cannot Resolve Cyberthreats Within an Hour

Building Great OT Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming (Episode 1)

In addition to this stuff I am finishing up Chapter 3 of Security Engineering by Ross Anderson and working on NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework for Information Systems and Organizations: A System Life Cycle Approach for Security and Privacy as I prepare for my CISSP-ISSMP.

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