Sunday, March 19, 2023

What I am reading 3/19/2023

 The US cybersecurity strategy won’t address today’s threats with regulation alone

The Ethics of Network and Security Monitoring

Cyberattackers Continue Assault Against Fortinet Devices

Here's how Chinese cyber spies exploited a critical Fortinet bug

Inside Elon Musk’s cost-cutting drive at TwitterInside Elon Musk’s cost-cutting drive at Twitter

PLATO: How an educational computer system from the ’60s shaped the future

Federal agency hacked by 2 groups thanks to flaw that went unpatched for 4 years

US court rules Uber and Lyft workers are contractors

The Only Three Classes That Mattered From My College Degree

How deep is the rot in America’s banking industry?

Companies Say They Need Noncompete Clauses. Here’s How We Know That’s Not True.

Meta Proposes Revamped Approach to Online Kill Chain Frameworks

‘Black Skills’ Is Killnet’s Attempt to Form a ‘Private Military Hacking Company’

Kali Linux 2023.1 released – and so is Kali Purple!

Utility Busted Using Fake Consumer Group To Scuttle Eugene, Oregon’s Environmental Reforms

Counting ICS Vulnerabilities: Examining Variations in Numbers Reported by Security Firms

A Brief History of Time is ‘wrong’, Stephen Hawking told collaborator

The labor shortage is pushing American colleges into crisis, with the plunge in enrollment the worst ever recorded

Stop worrying about Nation-States and Zero-Days; let's fix things that have been known for years!

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