Friday, April 02, 2010

America’s greatest patriot, Ron Paul, profiled at Doubleplusundead

Look, I'll make it simple for you neocon trash, if you do not love one Congressman Ron Paul, you do not love the Constitution, and if you don't love the Constitution, you do not love America.  If you do not lust for the warm embrace of one Congressman Ron Paul, you do not love America, it's that simple.  And before you say anything, you neocon warmonger, there's nothing gay in that, just profound respect for the Constitution...and maybe ear nibbling...just a little.


meanwhile America’s greatest patriot has joined with two others to break the Republican moratorium on budget earmarks.  In the last election it was mentioned that he adds earmarks quite often despite his reputation as a fiscal conservative so I am not really surprised.

Hot Air – Unemployment stays at 9.7% At some point companies have to start hiring again.  I know that health care reform is going to slow that down but it shouldn’t be stopping hiring entirely.

Riehl World View - Militia plotter anti-Bush Not surprising.  I mentioned before that back in Montana I knew some Freeman types.  They were just anti-government, it didn’t matter who was in charge.  I guess it does help disprove the idea that all the electoral anger is race based and aimed at President Obama though.

Little Green Footballs – Huttaree Leader fanatic Ron Paul supporter Again I can’t say I am surprised.

Bring the Heath Bring the Stupid – President Obama has refused all military requests from Israel since taking officeI am not a big fan of Israel the country.  I know it’s the lone democracy and all that but I don’t trust their government.  Between the USS Liberty, all the Israeli spies arrested in the US over the years, and some of the events in Lebanon in the 1980s they have never really struck me as that great a friend, but this is going too far.  Doesn’t Obama realize that by chastising Israel and giving Hamas and Hezbollah a free pass he just makes both side more stubborn.  What we should do is recognize a Palestinian state that doesn’t not include East Jerusalem and tell everybody to live with it.  Tell the Israelis that we will be arming and training the Palestinian army and if there are anymore incursions we will treat that as an attack on an ally.  Tell the Palestinians if there are anymore attacks on Israel we will treat that as an attack on one of our allies and unleash a full shock and awe campaign.  An imposed solution is the only one that is going to work over there.

Washington Post - Derivative Regulation is on the way In general I am suspicious of business / financial regulation, but this may be a good one.

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