Friday, June 26, 2009

I am getting a little tired of conservatives / the GOP...

After the global warming - cap and trade vote in the House today Ace posted the following:

Eight Republican Defectors Pass Economy Destroying Bill

Eight votes. Eight.

Bono Mack
Smith (NJ)

Not a dime, not a vote.

Cede these seats to the Democrats.*

As commenters note, of course it's better to displace them through a primary.

I mean, barring that, even if they win the primary -- then give up the seat. It's useless to us anyway.

Most of the comments are the usual - We need a revolution, I'm moving to Texas and hoping it secedes BS. I, along with a couple others, tried to offer some concrete suggestions:
The problem is that just like operation leper and every other throw the bums out campaign that people have advocated since time immemorial no one will follow-up and these same shit-burgers will get re-elected. If you are serious we need to follow Cynthia Yockey's rules.

Ace- if you are serious about wanting these people out then you need to step up and provide some leadership. You have 25,000 plus page views per day put up one of those names every week in a rotating schedule with their Washington and home district contact info. Encourage people to write them at both expressing POLITE displeasure. Also post the address of the RNC so that people can write and make them aware of how unhappy we are with these 8. Let them serve as an object lesson and make sure the RNC knows they wont get a dime until they swear not to support these people in re-election bids. KEEP DOING THIS UNTIL THE ELECTION. It is the only way to get their attention.

Fellow Morons - You have to commit to writing three snail mail letters per week until next November. One to the Rep's DC office one to the home district office and one to the RNC.

Wasted effort - already at comment 369 I can feel the anger dissipating and so once again we will let it slide. I'm tired of it.

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