Friday, June 26, 2009

Cynthia Yockey continues her fight. The GOP needs to take a lesson.

Smitty at The Other McCain followed up on Cynthia Yockey's efforts to get David Letterman fired on Monday but I was unable to get to it then.

She is continuing in her efforts to get David Letterman fired and I think the GOP can take a lesson from her.

One reason that so many conservative political figures are destroyed is that they set standards for themselves and others. Unfortunately it isn't always possible to live up to the standards you set. Liberals understand this and so they pick and pick until they can find a defect then attack full force. Apologies or pledges to change behavior elicit no mercy and eventually the conservative is forced to remove himself from public life.

Conservatives and the GOP unfortunately are more forgiving / gullible and once the apology is made we tend to move on. That has to cease. Politics has become a war to the knife, and that to the hilt. We are still just looking for first blood and a satisfaction of honor. Street fight vs. Code Duello, or as Yockey said:

Republicans are too willing to take that kind of abuse, Cynthia said, but she comes out of the gay-rights movement, and they don't roll that way.

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