Sunday, August 27, 2017

OSCP progress report 2

Well, it's Sunday and I promised a report on how the OSCP stuff is going -

So far so good.

I am sticking to the plan I outlined in my last report, mostly; I fell a little behind yesterday because of some family stuff but I will catch up today and tomorrow.  Working through the buffer overflow chapters at the moment.

I am already starting to see a way to tie some of this stuff in with work too (I mean even before I walk in and say hey I am an OSCP give me a raise).  I mentioned a couple weeks ago I am building a VM lab at work for training / testing configurations.  One of the questions has been what vulnerable VMs to put on the "corporate" segment (not real corporate but the segment we are going to attack), well this site has a list of machines, on Vulnhub, that have similar vulnerabilities to the machines in the OSCP labs.  (found via this site).  I knew about vulnhub already of course, and plnned to use some of their images already, this just ties stuff together a little.
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