Monday, August 21, 2017

OSCP begins

There was a little bit of confusion on when I was supposed to start this - initially I thought the 19th, then I got an email saying the 27th, then it was the 19th again but nothing showed up so I was thinking whelp, the 27th it is; but last night at about 11pm a quarantined email message came thru and I scrambled really quick to get stuff set up.  Doesn't seem like a particularly auspicious start but I am optimistic.

The materials look good.  The training manual is a 375 page watermarked .pdf.  Even before I got the packet people have been asking for copies.  Sorry guys not happening.  There are also videos (about 30 hours worth I think) also watermarked.  Again sorry guys but no sharing.

The workload seems fairly daunting - most of the write-ups I have read have recommended 100 - 120 hours lab time, so I went for the 90 day package, but I am a dumbass so I expect I will be extending at least once.  In order to successfully complete the course you have to compromise 10 machines and do a write-up (for CPEs).  They provide a template and it's pretty extensive.

Anyway that it so far I have read the first section of the manual so I will start labbing this evening.  That's my plan, by the way, read the manual and watch the videos on the way to and from work and then lab it in the evenings.  I changed that plan when I realized I would quickly get bored and burn out.  The new plan will take longer but is more in line with my learning style.

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