Sunday, February 19, 2017

Zuckerberg's Letter

I just read Mark Zuckerberg's 6000 word facebook manifesto and all I could keep thinking about the whole time was the creepy cult social network in "The Circle".

Secrets are Lies
Sharing is Caring
Privacy is Theft

In case I am not being clear - not a fan of Zuckerberg's vision of a global community.  Anymore I am not even sure if I am a fan of the internet.  I like the convenience and instant access, but that same instant access means we are always on, and I really dislike the way the net drives cultural and social norms.  I don't want a global community.  I want America to be America and Japan to be Japan and the various African countries to do their thing.  I want the heterogeneity not homogeneity.  I want the worls to be big and exciting again not the ugly little ball of sameness we are trying to create.


I want my business to be my business, not facebook's, not googles, not the various goddamned governments.

So in short: Screw Zuckerberg's letter.
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