Monday, February 06, 2017

Huffington Post on H-1B Visas - Trump Is Right: Silicon Valley Is Using H-1B Visas To Pay Low Wages To Immigrants

Somewhere dogs and cats are living together... in sin.

This stranglehold on foreign workers enables firms to pay low wages. Academics with industry funding claim otherwise, but one can see how it makes basic economic sense: If a worker is not a free agent in the labor market, she cannot swing the best salary deal. And while the industry’s clout gives it bipartisan congressional support concerning H-1B and green card policy, Congress’s own commissioned report found that H-1B workers “received lower wages, less senior job titles, smaller signing bonuses and smaller pay and compensation increases than would be typical for the work they actually did.”
 also noted is the programs role in age discrimination, and how the wage deflation actually drives American students out of the Computer Science field.

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