Sunday, December 04, 2016

16 Bill Gates ( @BillGates ) Approved Books To Give For Christmas

shamelessly stolen from Inc.  who probably stole it from Bill Gates twitter account or blog -

1.  The Big Short - Michael Lewis - Michael Lewis examines the causes of the 2008 financial crisis and those who were able to foresee it and profit from it.  Read the book and enjoyed it.  Enjoyed the movie more because:

2. Business Adventures -John Brooks - Written in the 70's (?) Gates calls it the best business book he has ever read.  I agree but then again I think it's the only business book I have ever read.  Still it's interesting.  The stories are insightful and I found they related well to my personal experiences inside a variety of companies.  Downside, no Margot Robbie so we will make due with the most accurate depiction of American business ever

3. Behind the Beautiful Forever - Katherine Boo - haven't read this one but it's about life in the Annawadi slum of Mumbai. (Bombay for us old heathens).

 4.  Brain Rules - John Medina - another one I haven't read

5.  The Bully Pulpit - Doris Kearns Goodwin - I have this one haven't started it yet.  About Roosevelt and Taft in the progressive era.

6.  Creating the Twentieth Century - Vaclav Smil - a historical account of how technology transformed the world.  Haven't read this one either.  I am sensing a trend.

7.  The Rise and Fall of American Growth - Robert J. Gordon - Yay, one I have read.  Super interesting.  I have held the same premise for years, ever since China really exploded onto the world market with double digit growth numbers, that the reason developed nations seemd to be lagging in growth was because we had already built out so much of our infrastructure.  Gordon agrees with me so he must be a super-genius.  Since I read this one here's a video of factory workers doing what factory workers do:

8.  How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking - Jordan Ellenberg - and after a brief reprieve the streak of not reading continues.  :-(.  Title kind of explains the premise.

9.  Hyperbole and a Half - Allie Brosh -  This one doesn't even look halfway interesting to me.

10.  Mindset - Carol S. Dweck - explores the traits and consequences of fixed and growth mindsets, which determine the way you approach a task or a problem. The streak continues, God I suck.

11.  Moonwalking with Einstein - Joshua Foer -  not what the title led me to believe.  It's a memory improvement book.  Guy's don't buy this for wives or girlfriends - they remember enough already.

12.  The Rosie Project - Graeme Simison - Asperger's dude is more successful at talking to women than I am.  Depressing (to me at least).

13.  Seveneves - Neal Stephenson - A post cataclysmic novel exploring how humanity would respond to the moon blowing up.  This and The Mongoliad are the only Stephenson books I haven't read.  I just can't get into the cataclysm thing right now.  Still adds to my enormous suckitude.

14.  The Road to Character - David Brooks - an examination of character from one of the last men I would look to for such a trait. 

15.  Tap Dancing to Work - Carol Loomis - Hey another one I read.  Not the greatest Buffet fan here but Gates likes him so here's one of his songs:

16. what if? - Randall Munroe - Serious answers to absurd questions. (I think he stole that from my blogs tagline but I am too lazy to look. Someone check. If he did I may need to call my lawyer, even though he usually deals with my drunk and disorderly and paternity cases (kids denying I am their father) I'm sure he'll do a bang up job. But, I digress) Another one I have read so I am 5 for 16.  My ignorance knows no bounds.  Oh well I don't have anything else so here are pretty girls dancing to music:

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