Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I'm not being condescending you ignorant hillbilly I am just pointing out your racism OR why Donald Trump won the election

First off I'm not going to try and pretend I predicted this result.  I though Hillary was gonna win. While I personally find her repugnant, and would never vote for her, I find Trump's pre-election rhetoric dangerous and also refused to vote for him.  However, once the votes started coming in I wasn't surprised.

People are angry and Trump was an angry vote.  Back during the primary when Bernie Sanders was running I pointed out to one of my friends that he and Trump were drawing from the same well -People who felt abandoned by the system.  At the time he told me I was nuts, that Sanders voters wanted economic and social justice.  Trump voters were racists who hated Mexicans (and later Muslims).  My response was listen to what they are actually saying.  They aren't saying we hate Mexicans (or Latinos in general) they are saying we hate illegal aliens who are coming to the US and displacing workers, "from jobs no American will do" (which as I pointed out here is bullshit).

Same thing with Muslims, I don't know anyone,and I know quite a few Trump voters, they kind of proliferate where I live, who is honestly saying keep all Muslims out.  What they are saying in my opinion, is we don't want Muslims from an area controlled by a group hostile to the US (ISIS) admitted without screening.

This predates Trump going back to when the Obama administration was planning on admitting Syrian refugees.  The administration ignored the concerns of the unwashed masses and Trump picked it up as one of his campaign points.  And as I recall it stayed way until reporters kept goading him on the point and he popped of with don't let any of them in.

Bam! Trump supporters are racists.

The same pattern follows when rust belters bring up the fact that their jobs and way of life are disappearing - fuck you hillbilly the economy is doing great.

When people express concern about vast numbers of temporary foreign workers being brought into the country and displacing Americans at their jobs - "Well if Americans weren't so dumb and lazy facebook would hire them"

When Christians don't want to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple - "Homophobes, we'll sue and make you love us"

And it's always the Trump voter who is presented as the villain.

Over and over.  People are just fucking angry about it.  So what do they do?  They vote for the guy who listens to their issues and promises a solution, while acknowledging their "greatness".  If you look I bet you could find a couple historical parallels, but in this case we have Trump.  In truth the guy doesn't even reflect most of their values, but at least he is listening (and before Hillary and her crew sabotaged his campaign so was Bernie).

Bing! Bing! Bing!  We have a winner.  Donald Trump 45th President of the United States.

And we have hand wringing

Certainly, they have a great deal to be angry about, and a great deal that Hillary Clinton and her husband ignored, and have ignored for almost a quarter-century now. They destroyed the old Democratic Party of liberal economics, and replaced it with nothing but a hope and a promise too far for much of the country to ever attain.
The trouble is that this new, American version of the disinherited has squandered their voice on a dyspeptic scream, a retro turn to racism and sexism, without anything resembling a plan, or a new vision for America.

I would dispute only Mr. Schmidt’s silly assertion that this was a deserved response to our “condescension.” Far from condescending to anyone, everyone I knew was mostly hoping desperately that Mr. Trump’s voters could not possibly hate the rest of us so completely that they would vote in droves for the most irresponsible and openly bigoted candidate ever to gain a major-party nomination.  

"How can they hate us so much?"  Because you hate them!!  It's a simple proposition.  You can only kick a dog so many times before he turns mean.  America used up it's kicks.

(I'm not saying I agree with any of the justifications for voting Trump, as I pointed out I refused to, but this is a summation of what I have heard from people supporting him and my own personal observations.  I am also not going to try and deny that other factors were involved in Hillary's defeat (still so torn on thanking God for that) but this is the bedrock foundation of what drove Trump voters)

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