Saturday, August 13, 2016

Suicide Squad - can't say enough bad about the Joker

So, despite all the horrible critic reviews I went and saw Suicide Squad yesterday.

It was bad.

But, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be based on the reviews so far, and I think a lot of the problems could be fixed by a little better editing.  The story is just too disjointed and poorly organized.

My main complaints -

1.  The music - Not the selection; I liked most of the most of the music itself.  It was just too upfront and in a couple cases jarring.  If they had toned the music down a little bit that would have helped a lot.

2.  Deadshot - ehhhh, the character was ok.  The bad part about him was the kept trying to shoehorn dramatic moments in and they don't fit.  First they don't fit with the story line - i.e. the "We almost made it" speech in the bar.  No they didn't.  They didn't almost do anything plus the speech was inappropriate for the group and context.  They hadn't jelled on a mission yet and hadn't really come together (actually weren't really coming together at that point) as a team yet so the speech only existed to give Will Smith a chance to be dramatic.

3.  Harley Quinn - First off, despite being psychotic, and obsessively infatuated with the Joker, which a lot of people have complained disqualifies Harley as a strong empowering female role model Harley is by far the most well developed and strongest character in the movie.   (BTW if you are trying to use murderous supervillians as your feminist icons you need to reexamine your life choices)  They wasted that.  Mostly in the same way that they did with Deadshot.  Trying to squeeze in shit that doesn't fit.  Example, the I'm quite vexxing quip.  It didn't fit and fell flat.  Her speech to Diablo in the bar was out of left field.  It was the old Harlene Quinzell poking through and could have been used for some character growth in later movies - if they had set it up first.  The list goes on.  Of all the characters in the movie though, the only two I actually liked were Harley and Captain Boomerang.  I think I only liked him because he had a couple good lines (and a bunch that fell flat) but they didn't just try and shoehorn every possible hero trope onto him.

Finally let me just say I think Margot Robie was an excellent choice to play the character.  One of the reasons the fan boys like Harley is under it all she is hot and they think hey hot damaged chick. Score!  Well Robie pulls that off.  That girl could walk thru the ugly forest wearing a bag full of dog shit and still be hot as hell.  Good call casting director.

4.  The Joker - I can't emphasize how much I disliked Jared Leto's performance as the Joker.  In fact it was so viscerally bad that I can't even describe it.  I would have far preferred the Heath Ledger Joker (although it's hard to see him staying with Harley) I also would have preferred the Jack Nickolson Joker or the Cesar Romero Joker. (BTW I hear Leto is upset with the reception of his portrayal.  Tough Shit, it sucked)  BTW - I know the title says I can't say enough bad about the Joker and so you probably expected pages of stuff here, but that title is literally true.  I can't say it because the performance was so bad it has literally impsed a mental block preventing me from describing it's awfulness.

There were a lot of other thing that added up to make this movie a bit of a disappointment, but still It's better than almost all the Superman movies (I am conflicted on Man of Steel) better by far than any of the Fantastic 4 movies and any of the Spiderman movies I have seen.  Atthis point it's kind of a wash.  I am not unhappy for having gone, but I won't go again and I would tell people to wait for the 5 dollar theatre.
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