Monday, June 20, 2016

The Goal

A while back I wrote about a book called The Phoenix Project which is a novel centering around a VP of IT and his embrace of DevOps and ITIL; well, recently I found out that book was based off another instructional novel called The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement.  I enjoyed The Phoenix Project so I decide to give The Goal a try also.

It was actually pretty good.  The story held together pretty well, even the stupid romance parts, which frankly is where the hero needed the most improvement, and it moved at a pretty quick pace.  I thought that the book did a pretty good job of explaining LEAN and Just in Time Inventory and the Theory of Constraints as well as echoing my ongoing belief that the MBA fascination with quarterly numbers tends to destroy businesses.  Probably not for everyone, but I am weird and read crap like this for fun, even though Monty (from ace of Spades) will tell you I am far too stupid to understand such things.

Anywho if you are a freak like me, and I don't mean that in the Adina Howard way, read it.

Oh, the Author has a couple other books so I am starting his book on Critical Chain Project Management. Another area I am wholly unqualified to understand, but us morons have to stay occupied somehow.
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