Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just Gonna Say It - I Hate GURPS

My Friday Night Gaming Group is currently in the middle of a Cyberpunk campaign that is being run in GURPS. After some fits and starts we are at the point where we are ready to enter cyberspace in avatar form.  In and of itself I am fairly excited about that, but...  (There is always a but right)  In order to do so we have to generate avatars that a essentially second characters.  I was sitting down trying to get mine together and I am like blech - I don't really like GURPS in general and I really hate the character generation system.  So I am doing what all mature adults do - procrastinating.  Probably 15 minutes before the game I will slam something together and hope.

Another concern - In cyberspace our characters can be anything from any genre, technology and magic both work and some areas will be fantasy themed some tech themed.  Now I know that seems fun, it worked well in Ready Player One, but none of my co-players have shown much excitement about this campaign - I am pretty sure we are only playing this because I bitched so much about being stuck in fantasy games all the time - and they keep trying to fantasy theme their characters carrying swords and daggers instead of guns etc so I am afraid that this is just going to turn into a fantasy game inside the larger game.  I guess my character could just refuse to enter cyberspace and sit out the next 6 or 7 weeks, but since I am the only character with neural jacks that would kind of put everyone else at a disadvantage.
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