Friday, April 29, 2016

So week 1 comes to an end AND weird dream alert

First week at the new job is coming to an end.  I'm not going to say much about it, at this point. Check with me again next week.

On the other hand - had a weird dream last night.  I was back at Avocent doing something, not sure what but it wasn't working in test, because they wanted me back there, but every cool person I have ever worked with was there, as well as every girl I have ever dated, who all also seemed to work there.    Weirdly it was all very pleasant because I am not the type of person who ends relationships well.  So anyway there I am and they tell me I am going to be working back in the test department again and it's like a big party, and oh by the way the building is huge, like a giant office building but its just packed, and coincidentally(?) there is a huge barbecue going on.  like we have to walk through a mile of parking lot to get to it but the ribs are super good, being smoked over and there is a ton of free beer.  So i am sitting there with all these former girlfriends drinking beer and eating ribs and everyone is having a good time and telling me how great I am (which really clued me into the dream status) and then the damn alarm goes off.

So that's where my life sits at the moment.

One more thing - saw the trailer for the new Snowden movie holy crap it looks shitty

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