Tuesday, March 01, 2016

So I have been reading about this US Today Reporter who was hacked mid-flight....

mmmm bullshit

Now I am not going to try and deny that you can be hacked on an unsecured wireless connection or even that this guy may have been hacked.  I just absolutely do not believe that someone intercepted all this guys traffic read it, was somehow able to determine which of x number of people it came from on the plane, decided it was something he felt so strongly about that he had to speak up, then mixed up his examples to the point that they have nothing to do with the case between Apple and the FBI.

I mean it's a good story, just like that woman from CBS who was supposedly being hacked by the White House for writing about Benghazi or like the Rolling Stone Fraternity Gang Rape story, were good stories, but like them I am 99.9999998% convinced that it is absolute bullshit.  It is just too perfect and in my experience life just doesn't work that way, so... Pics or it didn't happen.
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