Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Seen somewhere I won't mention...

if I have to vote for Trump, so be it

I absolutely do not understand this - Someone would vote for a pro-kelo, anti-second amendment, pro-abortion,  pro-H1B, anti-free speech, illegal immigrant hiring, bankruptcy filing, race-baiting, just plain all around douche like Trump because what... ????

What positive does he bring to the table?

Oh, he's anti-establishment?  Bullshit.  He has openly bragged about how in he is with the establishment.  Especially the Democrat establishment

You think he is going to stand up to the democrats more than Rubio? (Not that I am endorsing Rubio just using him as a contrast).

I don't want to say that's delusional, but that's utterly delusional.  I would point out that a couple years ago Marco Rubio was the Great Conservative Hope, how did that work out?  Before that it was Scott Brown who was going to save us from Obama's tyranny.  Chris Christie anyone.  Remember when Megyn Kelly was the conservative it girl/  You should it was only about 6 months ago.  Now she has been cast into the outer darkness.

That brings up something else -

We does this every election someone comes along and all the conservative hopes get pinned on him or her.  Then if the lose the election, well it's the establishments fault because they wouldn't get behind a real conservative.  OR, they win and can't deliver on everything or anything they promised and it's the establishments fault because a) they tricked us into voting for a RINO or b) they undercut a true conservative and sold him out.

Let me clue you in -it's not the establishment that's at fault here.  It's us for being a bunch of fickle fucking retards who can't remember one of the simplest of Reagan's Maxims -

a) “My 80-percent friend is not my 20-percent enemy."

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