Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Once Again, What Is going On In Silicon Valley- Venture Capitalist Sued For $40 mil by Woman Kept As Sex Slave For 13 Years

Washington Post - Prominent Silicon Valley investor denies he kept a sex slave for 13 years -
Baptiste’s breach of contract lawsuit, filed last week in San Mateo County District Court in California, accused Goguen of “sexually, physically and emotionally” abusing her. She alleged that she endured the treatment because Goguen promised to free her from the human traffickers holding her in perpetual debt. The contract, according to Baptiste’s lawsuit, was intended to compensate her for the years of abuse.
Goguen denies the claims and instead claims he is actually being extorted, although it's hard to see how if he willingly signed the contract so he could keep having sex with the woman, and in particular to avoid her suing like this.  What's even more interesting is this is one of the guys making the decisions that shape our future by deciding what new companies get funded and what one's don't.  Makes you question his business sense doesn't it?  That is if a $40,000,000,000.00 valuation for Uber didn't already make you question every VC in Silicon Valley's sense to begin with.

TechCrunch has more -

In Baptiste’s complaint, she is described as a “victim of human trafficking since she was 15.” It says that she was “brought to America in 2001,” “sold as a dancer to a strip club,” and that shortly after her arrival, she met Goguen at a Texas strip club and was soon submitting to his “constant sexual abuse” and “relying on his promise that he would help her break free of the human traffickers who held her in perpetual debt.”
Continues the complaint, “Unbeknownst to Ms. Baptiste, Mr. Goguen was a worse predator than the human traffickers who were keeping her in bondage.”
When you are being described as a worse predator than the human trafficker who kidnapped someone, sold them into sex slavery, and held them in debt peonage I guess people can say that you are really at the top of your scumbag game.  (To be fair the allegations are unproven, I just offer that as a general life rule and goalpost for those trying to measure their level of depravity)

In his countersuit, Goguen’s legal team paints a picture of a woman in love with him, and features a long list of text and email messages from Baptiste to underscore that depiction.
Among them: “The love that I hold in my heart for you was instant. It is a perfect love. And to me it is the perfect way to love someone. It is forever and unconditional;” “I love our visits. I feel so blessed to have met you and have been able to maintain a special relationship with you. I can only hope that it continues;” “I know it feels really good when we are together and to me it feels so perfect and I never want to let go of you;” and “I miss you so Much [sic]. My Body Misses you so Much. I love you so Much.”
The counter-complaint also features pictures that Baptiste, born in 1980, had allegedly sent to Goguen of herself dressed in lacy lingerie.

Now I admit that doesn't like someone being mentally, and physically abused, unless being forced to write such things is part of the abuse.  I mean it almost makes Goguen seem positively saint-like and a progressive sex-positive member of the Silicon Valley community and he agreed to this contract to protect his wife (wives, since this was going on across multiple marriages) and children from being exposed to the gory details.  

Just another day in Silicon Valley I guess.  
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