Sunday, March 13, 2016

I know I'm slacking - I blame CharliXCX and Gun Porn

Quick update - I am studying for the second test in the CCNA sequence and for my VCP-DCV exam.
This is one of those areas where procrastination kills.  I have been working with this stuff for years but the problem is that when you start out you're constantly reading and exploring trying to find the best way to do stuff.  As time goes on you start settling into routines and the way you do something may not be the way Cisco or VMware wants you to do it.

Bad habits kill you on exams - so basically then you go back and relearn all this stuff again and realize how bad your habits have become so you start updating documentation at work and going back and "improving" stuff you already have in place and the you are down the rabbit hole again.  It becomes one of them there sissyphean tasks.  You keep pushing the rock up hill and end up right down a the bottom again.

The only way to break the cycle is to just say no, Make a list of stuff to fix.  Do it all at once instead of piecemeal and then immediately move back to studying.

also don't get distracted by stupid Charli XCX videos on youtube when you are watching something on how to properly wildcard mask your Access Control Lists

or watching stupid gun porn videos

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