Friday, February 05, 2016

Of course the government wants to use flawed data - What I am reading 2/5/2016

LA Times - BMI Mislabels 54 Million Americans as 'overweight' or 'obese' study says -

They found that nearly half (47.4 percent) of overweight people and 29 percent of obese people were, from a metabolic standpoint, quite healthy. On the flip side, more than 30 percent of individuals with “normal” weights were metabolically unhealthy.
That would be a pretty big deal, especially since the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently proposed rules that would allow employers to penalize employees for up to 30 percent of their health insurance costs if they don’t meet 24 health criteria — which include meeting a specific BMI. If body mass index doesn’t accurately reflect health, then those with high BMIs potentially could be overcharged for no reason.
(I rearranged the paragraph order to emphasize the point of the article)

I think we all know why the employers want this, being able to force 30% of health care costs back on employees would be a huge cost savings.  I think the government wants it so because they believe it will make employers more open to Obamacare.

Hacker News - Someone Hijacks Botnet Network & Replaces Malware with an Antivirus -

The title says it all.  This was actually the plotline of one of the stories in Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box.

Little Bird - 62% of the people Donald Trump RTed this week follow multiple White Supremacist accounts -

Again the title kind of says it all, but as the article notes Trump doesn't really have any control over who his followers support otherwise and most of the retweets came after a tweet saying something nice about Trump.  So probably kind a a bullshit statistic I think - although maybe they should consider what message is being sent that attracts White Supremacists.

Network Computing - 8 New Network Standards You Need to Know -

I particularly liked the IPDS standard (Internet Porn Delivery Service)  it really sums up what the internet is all about.

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