Sunday, December 20, 2015

Skipped @Powells this week went to Star Wars Force Awakens instead

8:40 am showing, because I am a freak like that.  I like the earliest or latest showing of a film for some reason.

So what did I think, you (the figments of my imagination I pretend are reading this and actually enjoy my blog) ask:

The parts I liked I really really liked.  That was about 3/4 of the movie.  I only watched one trailer because I was afraid it would trigger prequel trilogy PTSD so I hadn't really clued in on the main character, Rey.

 She was great, both the actress and the character.  A New Hope remains on of my favorite movies (the 1977 original, not the various Lucas remasterings) and I thought she was a far superior character to Luke.  The couple missteps with her were so minor that I don't really remember what they were, just that they struck a falst note for a second.

Han started off weak but picked up steam and by the end of the film I was enjoying him almost as much as in the original.

Fin was pretty good too.  Again a couple flat spots but nothing major.

BB8 was kind of a show stealer.

The parts that sucked really really sucked:

Carrie Fisher blew chunks.  Han should have traded Leia in for a new better wife a long long time ago.  There was no chemistry there, Fishers affect was completely flat and she looked like either she slept in a tub full of botox or had a stroke.  Her face did not move.  Plus she added nothing to the

Po - "the best pilot in the resistance" - horrible actor.  completely unbelievable.  The part might have been salvage if someone else had played it.

C3P0 and R2D2 sucked as always- C3P0 much much more o course, but both need to be melted down for scrap pr pounded into ash trays.

Darth Whoever the hell - He was ok until the last 1/3 of the movie then... well I don't want to give things away but prepare for a lot of Marilyn Manson songs to come screaming thru your mind.

The good outweighed the bad by a considerable margin so I would say go see it.  There are some gaping plot holes, but this is Star Wars so that's expected just let your mind fill in any explanation that works for you.

There you go a, hopefully, spoiler free review of what appear to be the biggest movie in the history of the universe.

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