Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What's happening - a day in my boring life 10/13/2015

Little bit of catch-up here.  Especially since I couldn't do any posting this morning, Comcast put some sort of redirect on my internet, it was supposed to be to activate my X1 box, but I just ordered that and haven't received it yet.  The kind of jumped the gun a bit.

First, my fitbit program is going pretty well.  I am averaging well over 10,000 steps per day and have lost 10 pounds since really starting to use it.

Second, completed the VMware class I was signed up for via Stanly Community College.  Well worth the $185.  The video lectures weren't that great but the labs were pretty good and you get the VMWare curriculum, and successful completion makes you eligible for the VCP5-DCV exam.  I checked out a few other places the next cheapest was a community college in Idaho for somewhere around $600.  All the other course I found were in the $4000 range.

Third, watched Risky Business last night.  I swear I just looked for it on Netflix about a week ago and it was not there, then last night it was in my watch it again list.  I forgot how much the 80's liked neon lettering and synthesizer music by Tangerine Dream.  This really was the quintessential 80's teen movie though.  I highly recommend watching it again.

That's it.  i will try and post some more interesting fare later.
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