Sunday, October 11, 2015

52 Weeks of Preaching - They will marvel at how humble our infancy, how perilous our beginnings

Hopefully you guys are picking up the theme running through these posts.  If not let me spell it out - We are entering a Presidential election season and while I haven't been paying as much attention as I have in years past one of the things I have noticed is that all the potential candidates are only talking about how bad things are.

No one is talking about how good they can be.  No one seems to have any dreams or aspirations any more.  No one wants us to be more, to be great.  Reagan did.  He knew that while America may not be perfect it was great and could be greater.

That's the point of posting the Degrasse Tyson "We stopped dreaming' video.  It's not specifically about NASA (well the video kind of is but not my reason or posting it) it's about purpose.  About being great, about pushing us forward, not about building some taxi hailing app with an ridiculous $50,000,000,000 valuation.  And it's not about government or private sector - it's about dreams, unity and purpose.

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