Monday, October 26, 2015


Just watched the pilot episode of Supergirl.  I have to say I wasn't that impressed, which is a shame because I always liked Supergirl better than Superman.  Probably for the same reasons that I like Marvel better than DC comics.  Where Superman is this paragon of virtue Supergirl has always had a certain human fallibility to her that made her a far more enjoyable character in my eyes.  To be fair I think the show captured that.  The character does come off as a humanly flawed superhuman.

I also think that Melissa Benoist makes a credible Supergirl (unlike Helen Slater, who was also not credible as an executive in Secret of My Success or as Billie Jean in The Legend of Billie Jean - just saying).

Here are my problems with the show so far -

1.  Sister who happens to work for secret government organization which is opposed to Supergirl's very existence

2.  Said organization is revealed far to soon and with no real purpose other than to set up the lame ass villain.

3.  Her one person space mobile somehow drags an entire alien supermax prison to Earth.  All the prisoners escape and then do nothing for 12 years.  Really?  This is just a superweak storyline.

4.  The constant oblique references to Superman.  Just say Superman.

5.  Not only are the villains lame so are the special effects.

6.  Finally, how many people is she going to reveal her identity to?  So far there are two co-workers 30 or 40 government employees and the guy who walks her cat when she is out of town fighting crime.  Did I miss anyone?

In short I think the show has potential but if this pilot is any indications they really need to step up their game.
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