Friday, October 09, 2015

Stephen Hawkings is a damn dirty communist - What I am reading 10/9/2015

US Uncut - Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots -
On Reddit, Hawkings said that the economic gap between the rich and the poor will continue to grow as more jobs are automated by machines, and the owners of said machines hoard them to create more wealth for themselves.
The question was about technological unemployment, in which jobs are automated out of existence.  A lot of people believe that will lead to the rampant poverty and death.  I believe that humans are adaptable and our economic systems will adapt to create an opportunity for people to provide work and value.  Hawking appeared to be arguing for wealth redistribution.  BTW, if the Terminator movies have taught us nothing else it's that the robots don't like to share, so maybe we should be scared of them.

Ars Technica - “Weev” threatens prosecutors with info from Ashley Madison leaks -

(I)n an "open letter" sent today to two federal prosecutors by e-mail and posted on Twitter, Auernheimer says he will reveal private information about Department of Justice prosecutors who have attempted to cheat on their wives.
The new letter doesn't name any alleged adulterers, but it says information about lawyers in the office that prosecuted him "will be the first to be disclosed." Auernheimer says he and his colleagues will "broadcast your indiscretions to the world for months."
Might just be me but I don't think this is going to make him more popular around the courthouse.

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