Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Contrary to the claims both in the blog title and at @instapundit this is not the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich 

This is the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich:

1.  Heat the pan on 4 on your electric stove

2.  Start with sliced sandwich bread - I use Franz which is a local bakery Wonder is just too porous but any white sandwich bread will work.

3.  Butter the bottom (pan side) of the bottom slice

4.  either lightly butter or lightly apply chipotle mayo (if you are feeling a little hipsterish) to the top of the bottom slice.

5.  salt and pepper to taste (lightly) on the bottom slice, place in pan

6.  Apply the cheese to the bottom slice - use a generous amount of the kraft shredded 4 cheese mexican. It melts well and has a great flavor.

7.  Butter the pan side of the top slice and apply the slice to the cheese.

8.  Mash everything together with the spatula.  wait until there is just a hint of smoke and flip.

9.  Wait until there is another hint of smoke and remove.

10.  Make a second sandwich.

I guarantee you this is a great sandwich and you don't have to mess with olive oil choosing 17 different cheese styles etc.  Eat it with milk (whole, ice cold) and Lays Potato Chips or soup and quit being pretentious you heathens.
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