Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Prepare for the onslaught...

Washington Post - Marine Corps’ women-in-combat experiment gets mixed results -
According to a recent report in the Marine Corps Times, only a small number of women were left by the experiment’s conclusion — two of the roughly two dozen who started — mostly in part because of the physical and mental stress that comes with combat roles. Both the men and women in the task force also reported a breakdown in unit cohesion with some voicing  a perceived unequal treatment from their peers.
The article goes on to say that a lot of women had difficulties with the physical tasks associated with being an infantryman or tanker, which honestly I would too anymore, but I had assumed that a lot of that would be resolved through strict adherence to physical standards.  Apparently not the case.

There was also  the expected breakdown in unit cohesion.  Or at least it was expected by anyone with half a brain.  It was so bad that in at least one case an enlisted Marine changed his views from supporting gender integration to opposing it.

When this report hits the Pentagon / Congress you can just see the blood on the walls coming.  Not that it will matter.  Gender Integration will continue full tilt unit cohesion and preparedness will be destroyed and entire units will end up being like those shitbags from Abu Gharib.  (I am absolutely convinced that unit was destroyed by a combination of weak enlisted leadership and the presence of Lynnde England).  I say this as s supporter of gender integration in the military.  While I believe that women will be able to effectively perform in all jobs in the future trying to force it thru like this is going to be insanely destructive.
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