Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What I am reading 7/22/2015

Well watching first- The new James Bond "Spectre" trailer dropped.  I don't really like where they have taken the Bond character, although Daniel Craig remains my second favorite Bond, he has been turned into some sort of loose cannon revenge machine.  Classic Bond may have been willing to go off the reservation but he was always in control and doing what was best for Queen and Country.  I am not getting that feeling here:

Wired - Credit Card Firms Just Put Sex Workers Like Me at More Risk -

Pressured by law enforcement officials, credit card behemoths Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have since ceased doing business with Backpage entirely, leaving bitcoin, and mailing in cash, checks, and money orders as the site’s only payment options.

Advertising online is an important tool for many sex workers as it places the barriers of space and time between the worker and the potential client, allowing the sex worker to negotiate from the safety of a phone or computer, rather than on the street. 

The article makes a good point about removing a potential safety net for sex workers but loses it when she starts going on about the war on the poor.

Washington Post - In Silicon Valley, many want sharing salary info to be less taboo -

The incident that inspired this story is only mildly interesting, but what did grab my attention is the fact that there are two publicly searchable databases that contain info about how much H1-Bs are being paid.  That should make it easier to determine if H1-Bs are suppressing wages or not.

US Visa Explorer

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