Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Following up on Armada

Finished the book up yesterday.  It didn't get that much better and the ending was pretty lame.  Again I didn't hate the book I just don't think it lived up to it's potential.  

Here however is someone who did hate the book and from my reading everyone who might ever read and enjoy it:

Ernest Cline’s Armada is everything wrong with gaming culture wrapped up in one soon-to-be–best-selling novel.
The shameless, jejune wish-fulfillment of the book burns hot and bright, from the moment our young gamer hero gets summoned to space from the lawn of his school, while the girl who dumped him and the jerk who bullied him look on with disbelief. When players like Zack are recruited into the Earth Defense Alliance, their in-game prestige also immediately translates into military rank and real-life power. “Elite” recruits like Zack are immediately promoted to flight officer, meaning they immediately outrank many of the enlisted men, even if the flight officer is a smart-ass teenager who goes by the handle Kushmaster5000.
it's a cringingly terrible and transparent bit of self-indulgence, one of many in the book that walks so close to the line of video game fan fiction that it becomes nearly indistinguishable.
If you read my previous review you'll see that I agreed with many of the specific complaints, but I think there is a major difference between my article and this authors.  Mine were not intended to be mean spirited.  I believe Laura Hudson's were.  She wasn't just critiquing the work, she was expressing her full blown displeasure with the author and his audience.  I mean I'm not going to say she is a mean spirited bitch, but...

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